A natural choice for Iutta’s workshop

Today’s story revolves around the ethical plant-based fabric and how it became a natural choice for Iutta’s workshop.

For a while now, we’ve been eager to make some changes and integrate new concepts. After putting multiple ideas on paper, we tested, analyzed, and adapted until we reached the optimal version.

A New Chapter at Iutta

We embarked on a journey with ambitious objectives, however, the reality was that the process we undertook was not devoid of challenges. but we approached each stage with dedication and passion.

We consistently emphasize how Iutta’s aspirations carry forward unwritten stories inspired by our culture and traditions, yet presented in a contemporary fashion through design and an ever-oriented innovative approach.

We placed emphasis on the continuity of our values, which guided us towards creating items from a new and unique material: Piña Fiber Textile.

Hence, we are thrilled to introduce our new products made from Pinatex, which came to life in Iutta’s workshop.

Iutta x Pinates
Tote Bag

Handcrafted tote bag, skillfully made by blending raffia and Piñatex®, a plant-based textile made from pineapple leaf fibre, featuring dual top handles. Available in two styles: a blend of cream and black or black and white knitted raffia.

Fashion Made from Pineapple

With skill and attention to detail, our artisans have crafted articles from Pinatex, offering a sustainable alternative to leather products. These items are designed to be worn in every season, upholding our devotion to quality and durability.

Our desire was to find a vegan alternative that would adhere to ethics and be obtained through a responsible process. Therefore, we discovered Pinatex, a material that unveils a distinct aura over time.

Pinatex - The Durable Material that Stands the Test of Time

At the heart of our workshop, Pinatex becomes the true protagonist of our production, for it is more than a material—it is a statement of durability and responsibility. We strive to provide it with the utmost care throughout the production process, ensuring its integrity in every item we create.

However, what truly sets Pinatex apart is the way it seamlessly combines durability with ethics and environmental responsibility. The material is produced from natural fibers derived from pineapple leaves, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. This guarantees a healthy working environment for our artisans and a sustainable choice for consumers.

Thus, Pinatex is not merely a material, but a symbol of our commitment to sustainable innovation and respect for human nature.

With a durability that manifests in both the quality of the products created and the benefits it brings to the environment, Pinatex remains a material that withstands the test of time in every sense.

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