Step by step,
new stories are embroidered at Iutta

In the Iutta workshop, meaningful stories are embroidered from the very first day. We always have an eye toward the future and want desires to remain pieces that endure over time, for the generations to come.

Thus, each Iutta story holds a distinct significance and is crafted with love and care by our artisans.

Our Commitment

Focusing on innovation, circularity, and concepts that transcend the boundaries of time, we deconstruct and reassemble identities in an authentic creative space. We root ourselves deeply and bring to light the cultural richness, giving life to meaningful ideas.

We believe in sustainability and meticulously create each article. To reduce our impact on the environment, we use materials that originate from natural sources or are byproducts of other industries, which we carefully select.

Step by Step

Thus, step by step, we employ materials in the workshop that help us maintain the quality of our products without compromising the sustainability component.

The latest addition is Pinatex, a traceable textile grade fibre made from pineapple leaves, a natural material obtained from the fibers of pineapple leaves left behind after fruit harvests.

This comes as an alternative to leather products and accessories, aligning with our commitment to use innovative materials that are eco-friendly and skin-friendly.

Why did we choose Pinatex?

Despite the diversity of vegan materials available, we sought an alternative in line with our values. After much exploration and over a year of testing in the workshop, Pinatex proved to be the right choice.

Pinatex is a distinctive material that retains the organic beauty of nature and possesses a texture and durability similar to natural leather.

The Pinatex x Iutta Capsule Collection

Iutta x Piñatex is a limited edition capsule collection of bags, with only 30 pieces available for each model, combining raffia with vegan materials.

Alongside the capsule collection, we also bring a series of popular bags from our archive, all made from vegetable remnants, including models like Polaris, Magpie, Dor de Ducă, Clutch X, and Fleur de Lys. This way, we’ve created a retrospective of the past 10 years, a graphically marked anniversary moment.

Each type of bag is presented in two elegant variations: a beige and black mix combination, and black/white woven raffia. The capsule collection will feature various types of bags:

  • The shopper bag, with double handles at the top, and an organized interior to keep daily essentials within easy reach.
  • The Bucket bag, with carefully adapted dimensions to comfortably accommodate essential items, including a compact wallet, keys, sunglasses, and a larger phone.
  • The elongated clutch bag, designed to be an indispensable accessory, with a well-crafted functional design suitable for wearing throughout the day.
  • The day bag with a metal frame and distinctive texture, thanks to the combination of raffia with Piñatex®. This practical design ensures the security of essential items and is suitable for any time of day.
  • The mini raffia bag, available in pink and black. Equipped with an adjustable and detachable strap, it can be easily worn over the shoulder, as a mini clutch, or attached to a larger bag like a wallet. It’s a versatile accessory, perfect for special occasions or daily routines.

At Iutta, we have always chosen to collaborate with carefully selected suppliers, small businesses, and individuals with new ideas to maintain a restricted cycle of procurement and production.

Pinatex is not only a sustainable and ethically obtained material but is also the result of a product designed to have a positive social and economic impact.

"Piñatex® is a plant-based, non-woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibre, which offers a low- impact, certified vegan textile solution."

A natural choice for Iutta’s workshop

Iutta, renowned for its contemporary designs of bags, shoes, and accessories that blend traditional elements, is embarking on a collaboration with Piñatex, a plant-based, low-impact and PETA certified vegan textile made from pineapple leaf fibre left behind after fruit harvesting.

Pinatex: a fusion of craftsmanship and quality

In a world constantly seeking ecological and sustainable solutions, the fashion industry has begun to explore innovative alternatives to traditional materials. Among these, one material that has captured the attention of designers and consumers with its eco-friendly philosophy and unique aesthetics is Pinatex. This natural choice has found a suitable home in the workshop of Iutta.